Cobra Bubbles

A tall, dark, and imposing bald man. A well-to-do officer in Lone Star.


Mr. Bubbles was recruited by Lone Star, after a few years of working as a Shadow Runner under the name “Bubbles”.
The name stuck, and his career launched as now worked to help take down shadow runners that became to public, and got known. Bubble’s choice to leave the shadows was unpopular, and some of his old friends. took it personal.
Mr.Bubble’s house was broken into, and his wife was kidnapped.
Mr.Bubbles ran into Goalie, a rookie shadow runner, who was after a bounty on the kidnapper. Bubble’s took down the kidnapper and rescued his wife with Goalie’s help.

Since then, Bubble’s has worked on and off with Goalie, to take out other runners, and criminals who have gone to far and become needlessly violent.

Cobra Bubbles

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